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Home Office Cleaning

How do you keep your home office looking presentable and organized?

The short answer is break out the cleaning supplies. When it comes to the home office, you're the janitor. The good news is you won't get any grief from your boss or co-workers about how messy you office is (at least as long as you keep the area that might be shown on those Zoom calls reasonably clean).

On the other hand, family members may be less than impressed if you have some messy habits, especially if your workspace is in a high traffic area.

Even if you are tucked away in a corner where others seldom enter, there is likely to come a point when you call a time out on the mess. Let's start with the desk. The best way to start is to sort things by what's important, what could be important and what has outlived its usefulness.

Begin by taking everything off the desk. Don't be shy about getting rid of things. Murphy's Law will invariably kick in and you'll need something you threw out yesterday, but that likely won't extend to a pen out of ink or a stapler that doesn't work anymore. Ask yourself, "Is there a reasonable probability I'm going to need this in the future? If not, it should probably be in the throwaway stack.

Even though you might be the only person in your office, that doesn't mean germs and dust can't invade your space. Wipe down the surfaces regularly and anywhere else where it looks like dust is accumulating. With COVID-19 a fact of life, we're all used to cleaning more anyway and it's a good habit to get into.

Put a wastepaper basket within easy reach (or at least no more than an air basketball throw away). It's a good idea to go through the papers before they end up in the trash to make sure nothing contains personal information like credit card numbers or banking information. They should be shredded if you decided to chuck them.

Keep anything you are likely to need within easy reach and a bookcase or filing trays (depending on your space limitations) might be a good option.

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