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Keeping fridge odours at bay

There's nothing worse than opening the fridge and having your senses assaulted by the pungent aroma of food gone bad.

One of the keys to keeping food fresh is temperature control. Food stored at too high a temperate starts to rot while too cold can run the risk of damage due to freezing. Just like Goldilocks in the popular nursery rhyme, getting the temperature just right is what matters to your fridge.

A setting of two to three degrees centigrade is recommended as bacteria that causes food borne illnesses (such as Listeria) begin to develop when the mercury goes over four degrees.

The other key is to clean frequently. If not, food long past its expiry date may end up near the back and get forgotten until its manifests itself with a nasty smell. Getting rid of the rotten food is obviously step one, but be forewarned it may not be enough.

Baking soda can be effective at keeping odours at bay. Wiping the fridge off with a mixture of vinegar (or lemon juice) and water can also help keep things smelling fresh. Instead of throwing those coffee grounds in the garbage can, put them in a bowl in the fridge for a day. Like baking soda and vinegar, they can help to eat up unwanted smells. To keep the fridge smelling sweet, mix some peels from any citrus fruit in a bowl with salt. Make sure any leftovers are in airtight containers.

If odour persists, it may be time for a deep cleaning. That means removing and cleaning all of the shelves and drawers. Check the drain pan at the back of the fridge to ensure there's no mold. If any is found, unplug the fridge and clean the tray.

While it does take some effort, the result is a clean, fresh smell greeting your senses when you open the fridge door.

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