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Organizing the heart of the home

The humble kitchen.

In many homes it is much more than a cooking space. It can also serves as a work station (especially given the growing trend of working from home due to COVID-19), the homework hub and family meeting place. All those uses and more can make it challenging to keep the room organized.

However, there are a key easy tips that can make the kitchen more organized and efficient, not to mention less frustrating to maintain for the chief cook(s) and bottle washer(s) if those tasks are shared. One of the big keys is to make the best use of available space. That may mean getting rid of items you no longer use. If they're still good, consider donating them to a charity or second hand store.

Make some extra room in the refrigerator by recycling a six-pack holder to hold condiments and other small bottles so they can be stored in the fridge door without fear of falling out. Think about using a spice rack that can be stored in the cupboard and taken out as needed to avoid taking up counter space. For those who are highly organized and ambitious, the spices can be labeled and put in uniform sized jars for easier storage and retrieval.

Is countertop and cupboard space at a premium? An inexpensive solution (new cupboards and countertops are a major and expensive project) could be a rolling kitchen cart. The top provides extra work space and the shelves hold ingredients that might otherwise find their way to the back of a very full cupboard, never to been seen again until they're past their expiry date.

If using the cart to prepare, choose a durable top like butcher block, stainless steel or plastic laminate. A wood finish may look nice initially but it will simply not stand the test of preparing your culinary creations.

Keeping the kitchen clean is not only the best way to prevent the spread of unwanted guests like germs and viruses at the family dinner table, it's also the best way to ensure your kitchen is up to the job as the hub of 21st century family life.

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