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Our goal at Detaz Cleaning Services is to meet your expectations and exceed them every chance that we have. We value our long-term clients and hope to establish a dependable, long-term working relationship based on trust and integrity. 

When you hire our cleaning service, we appreciate knowing that our customers are satisfied and happy with our work. The great feedback that we receive tells us that we’re going above and beyond what you expect in providing you with exceptional cleaning services.  

To show our appreciation for our loyal clients, we want to offer you the benefits of being a client that helps to reward you just for telling others about the excellent services that we provide. Our customer loyalty program allows you to refer your friends and family members to Detaz Cleaning Services to provide the same excellent services for them. 

In exchange for introducing us to your friends and family, you can enjoy a discounted cleaning service as a thank you.  

How our Loyalty Program Works 

When your friend or family member books in for their service, we will make sure to ask them if they have been referred by anyone. When they give us your name and contact information (email or phone number) we will get in touch to let you know that your offer awaits you.  

You will receive 10% discount on your next service, redeemable for up to a year.  



Can you consolidate discounts?

Each referral discount is for one time use and cannot be combined with other offers. For example, if you refer two people – you will have to use each offer on different services occasions

Does the 10% only count for one service, or one visit?

10% will be deducted from the total bill - even if you are receiving multiple services in one visit.


How many times can I redeem this?

Each referral will be allocated a one time, 10% discount, that is redeemable for up to a year.


We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for the services that we provide.

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